Paxxal Industries

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Paxxal Industries is revolutionizing the material handling industry. We are an industrial manufacturer, delivering pallets worldwide that are higher in value and lower in cost than any comparable product in the global market.

Paxxal’s unique and patented formulations provide a pallet portfolio that is 100% recyclable and more cost-effective than other pallets available in the market today. This material, combined with our unique molding process creates a pallet with a solid core that is stronger and more impact resistant than other plastic pallets.

Paxxal Industries is a manufacturer of industrial service products:
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Bins
  • Totes
  • Industrial Carts


Our customized, fully automated rotational mold processes ensure precision-made, value-adding pallets with the ability to generate high volume orders efficiently.

Higher capacity, lower cost, unmatched product.

Over a decade of research has gone into our revolutionary rotomolding processes, material, and machinery, surpassing all other conventional molding methods. The REVO machine and its technology is an exciting breakthrough in polymer molding and manufacturing. Able to produce dramatically more parts per cycle with a smaller footprint and lower material cost than any current molding processes used in the market, our rotomolding guarantees a rapid investment return as well as a consistent, quality, precision-made product.

  •   Temperature-controlled mold creates uniform core and wall thickness
  •   Capable of producing multilayer, multipart products at a highly efficient rate
  •   Molds can be easily modified to handle different polymers for customization
  •   Small manufacturing footprint requires less area to operate
  •   Requires less energy resources than other molding technologies
  •   Can produce products of varying performance according to a customer's needs
  •   Centrally networked machines allow for greater production control
  •   Fully automated system allows a high output per manhour ratio
  •   REVO is the only machine capable of molding Paxxal's propriety material.


We have dedicated over a decade of research and development toward our formulation, processes, and fully-automated equipment in order to perfect our manufacturing process and ensure that we deliver consistent, uncompromised quality.

Paxxal Pallets Outperform

  •   Superior Performance
  •   Enhanced Durability
  •   Breakthrough Technology
  •   No Black Market Value
  •   More Durable than wood or plastic
  •   Lighter wieght than wood or plastic
  •   Higher impact resistant
  •   Packaging damage savings
  •   100% Recyclable
  •   Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, bacterial growth, corrosion, creep or UV
  •   Exempt from Fumigation Requirements
  •   Less Combustable than plastic

We provide customers with long term solutions that are hygienic and recyclable.


Food Safety



With a life expectancy of over 7 years, Paxxal’s pallets provide a high return on investment. Our pallets are not infallible however, and we understand that breakage and damage can occur, resulting from careless forklift driving, improper storing of goods and products as well as a host of other reasons.


Click to download the North American Paxxal Pallet Spec Sheet.


*Samples available please contact our sales team for pre-release information

The Most Advanced Pallet Design in the World

  • Exceeds North America GMA Specs
  • Reinforced Blocks (internal and external ribs)
  • Solid Core
  • Internal Reinforcement (rackability)
  • Wider 4-Way Entry
  • Rubber Inserts - Prevent Slippage
  • Complete Top Deck coverage
  • Interlocking Top/Bottom Deck
  • Internal RFID/ External Barcode
  • Hand Holds
  • Stretch Wrap Corners
  • Chamfered Underside - Pallet Jack
  • Chamfered Top/Bottom - Fork Tine
  • Stress Design - Top Down
  • Internal Cones - Technology Cavities/Strength
48in x 40in x 5.62in
< 50lbs
Top Deck Coverage
80% + Textured
Pallet Entry
4- Way
Edge Racking Load Capacity
2,800+ lbs
Dynamic Load Capacity
5,000+ lbs
Static Load Capacity
30,000+ lbs
Temperature Range
-30F to 140F
UL Pending
High Density Polyethylene + Solid Proprietary Core
Color / Branding / Tracking Technology

Mena paxxal PALLET
Click to download the MENA Paxxal Pallet Spec Sheet.


  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Slip-resistant top deck
  • Perimeter lip to increase load stability
  • Contoured legs to guide forklift
  • Pass-through top deck for fast drying
  • Consistent dimensions for automated systems
  • Less combustable than plastic
  • Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, bacterial growth, corrosion, creep and UV
  • Zero distortion -40F to 170F
  • Exempt from fumigation requirements.
  • 100% recyclable
120cm x 100cm x 16cm | +/- 48in x 40in x 6.30in
+/- 60lbs
Top Deck
3mm Perimeter Lip + Drainage Channels
Pallet Entry
Edge Racking Load Capacity
2,200+ lbs
Dynamic Load Capacity
5,500+ lbs
Static Load Capacity
Temperature Range
-40 to 150F
High Density Polyethylene + Solid Proprietary Core
Color / Branding / Tracking Technology


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