March 30, 2017


March 30, 2017

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First new shipping platform in more than a decade will help
suppliers and retailers improve efficiencies and reduce costs

Chicago: Paxxal Inc., an innovative provider of shipping platforms, is rolling out its new North American Pallet to the US market. The new platform, which is part of a new series of solutions from Paxxal, will make its debut at ProMat 2017 in Chicago April 3-6, 2017.

The Paxxal North American Pallet is made from 100% recyclable patented composite material with impressive impact resistance and durability properties using a unique, automated rotational molding process that enables cost-efficient mass production. The Paxxal Pallet exceeds all of the North America GMA specifications, weighs less than 50 lbs. and features reinforced Blocks, 95% top deck coverage, a solid core, internal reinforcement for better rackability, wider 4-way entry, rubber inserts to prevent slippage, a one-piece top and bottom deck design, RFID and barcodes, hand holds, stretch wrap corners and chamfered undersides and decks for easier pallet jack and forklift use.

“The unique, leading-edge design of the Paxxal Pallet is specifically tailored to today’s changing pallet market. It is produced by exceptional engineering and design, revolutionary materials and patented roto molding technology. It is the most durable, lightweight, cost effective pallet available in the multi-use plastic pallet market,” said Ben Stoller, Executive Managing Director of Paxxal Inc.

Benefits of the Paxxal North America Pallet include:

  • More durable than wood or plastic
  • Lower product damage
  • 30% lesser than wood in weight
  • Environmentally safe
  • Higher impact resistant
  • Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, bacterial growth, corrosion and UV
  • Hygienic and exempt from fumigation requirements
  • FM and UL listed (pending)
  • 100% recyclable with indefinite life span
  • Longer life-cycle (Economical)
  • Increased worker safety
  • Improved product stacking
  • No black market value for material
  • Potential for color coding / Product identification

Paxxal units around the world have been successfully shipping pallets for a variety of business use cases, including pooling, closed-loop supply chains, automated facilities, and specialty transport of beverage, pharmaceutical and auto parts products. Paxxal works collaboratively with the Packaging group at Virginia Tech University, several top retailers, distributors and manufacturers and drew upon global best practices in the development of the new plastic pallet to ensure it is readily accepted as the standard for the industry.

“The feedback we received is that suppliers and retailers are looking for a solution that addresses the many inefficiencies within the supply chain. The Paxxal North American Pallet accomplishes these goals and more,” said Stoller.

Notes to Editors: Photos of the Paxxal Pallet are available.

Paxxal executives will be available for interviews at ProMat Booth #N414.

About Paxxal

Paxxal is a platform company that specializes in logistics related products and services in the supply chain sector. We focus on improving supply chain efficiencies through manufacturing, logistics, reusable rental markets, robust data analytics and services. By leveraging our expertise, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes we are able to provide sustainable competitive advantages and deliver total supply chain transformation. Our portfolio consists of three main divisions Industries, Logistics and Analytics.

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